So Bored

It’s Monday morning, a little more than a week from Christmas and an end to another year.

Since it is an early bitter winter, I turn on the television to gauge the amount of snow for the week ahead.

Instead of the obligatory, nightgowned hot weather woman, there’s Michael Bublé singing a fucking Christmas song that doesn’t need recorded or performed again this Millennium.

With his hands dug deeply into his pant’s pockets, even he seems not to believe his own bullshit… “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” he’s the closest heartbeat networks can run up to replace Bing?

The moment recalls my weekend.

“If I hear ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ or any other Christmas song again, I’m gonna stick a fork in my eyes”.

“I tried watching ‘White Christmas’ yesterday and I just cannot get through five minutes.” Nobody is like that anymore. I watch those ladies sing and dance and there just are not people like that. Corny. Sweet. Sincere.

“I didn’t even put half of my ornaments on the tree” but you know “while I was hanging the ornaments today, I wanted to stop and throw the whole thing out the window.” It’s simply the same thing over and over, again and again, year after year.

I guess I’m just so bored with it. It’s been turned into something so contrary… what made it special.

“Nothing’s special anymore.”

And that was just my wife talking last night. I don’t even know where to begin with my thoughts.

5 thoughts on “So Bored

  1. Statements like this bother me.
    It’s not “special” to materialists and non-Christians. It never will be.
    You are fooling yourself if you believe EVERYBODY should celebrate Christmas.
    Your mom knew. It’s a holiday for Christians. Maybe thats why you feel this way?
    Are you teaching your kids the TRUE meaning?

  2. Thank you for your prompt feedback. it gives me more “grist to mill”, especially since you know my wife.

    As background for others, my wife is:
    1. Quite Christian having meet all prerequisites & covenants, practiced & partook of all rituals except Last Rites naturally. And although disillusioned with her Church she is raising children with the meaning of the holiday, if not the Church.

    2. A born & bred New Englander who has cherished the Christmas season in youth and into adulthood & motherhood,
    3. Has never associated with counter-cultures – punk, hippiedom or Alt-lifestyles & belief systems, and who, has never been materialistic in fact wishes to purge what she has for an untethered existence, and

    4. Carefully, near meticulously cherished Christmas tree ornaments from childhood to present day, augmenting the collection at every opportunity upon all of our continental & intercontinental travels the past 18 years.

    Thus I concur that it should bother you indeed. However I sense for different reasons than you assumed in your feedback.

  3. Know “so much” about what? My wife?

    I’d hope so after 17 years together. She’s nine years my junior (46 the day after this Christmas). Our few similarities are that we have both lost our parents and come from uneducated, working class, pay check to pay check families.

    From there, it is all quite different. Thus her perspective is surprising yet representative of a growing trend in the view of religion in America, which is reflected coincidentally late today in this article.

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