Vanishing Point

It’s a cold 39 or is it 39 days since I saw the Sun

My incision aches though the knots of flesh removed

My heart pained at the emotional knot of by my eldest child

A knot in my throat squeezes tight

There’s no air in my lungs to sooth my youngest suffering some virus

This cloud of ailments arrayed against my vision

A hearse passes by thankfully with out-of-state plates

We are all on our way

to some thing, somewhere

years or days maybe hours away

yet it seems without end

The respite is a moonless night

Spring is still not here today

The cardinal and the woodpecker don’t know

The gurneys sit jealous of them both

The sky a grey steel blanket above

It weeps cold drips of chilling reminder

The crocus purple and white know not to celebrate

They sense the failure of the daffodil and tulip

My pulse pounds down my shin in the knot that’s my ankle

I pace a cure for a sick child

Jack White blares in the aisle

Why is cauliflower five dollar per head

Fruit is cheaper anyway

I will buy it instead

Steady as you go

Fruit Suet and Seed

Spring is still not here today