another excerpt from “An Unwanted Life”.

Maxey Menges

“Homesick?” The random citizen asks when I mention my migratory path from California.

I’ve come to believe that such expressed words are antonymous actually to their purpose and meaning.

I’ve come to believe homesick is one of those words, if taken apart.

Homesick is self-induced or is it self-deluded? In the end it’s not a sickness at all.

Sure, I recall the sick feel to wake on hung-over weekend mornings before 8:00AM when the open windows of an apartment filled with Mexican football fans across from my townhouse exploded in “goooooooaaaaaaaalllllll“. I felt sick all right and when I see Mexico play an international match, I do feel some sickness revisit. But Mexico’s not my home.

Yeah, sure when I see on television those sleepy headed, achy back people rising out of sleeping bags on a Pasadena sidewalk New Year’s morning, I feel sick but not for me…

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